On a walk along the River Meavy, after a very wet night

6th November 2005


1.   Through woodland on the north side of the valley

Meavy Woods

2.  The River Meavy, much wider and flowing faster than normal

River Meavy

3.  River Meavy

River Meavy in flood

4.  Down on the left, the River Meavy, on the right remains of the leat that supplied water to The Mill in Meavy

River Meavy and Meavy Mill Leat

5.  The river flows over the weir, constructed to provide water for the Mill Leat, remains of which are on the left and foreground

Mill Leat weir

6.  River Meavy, a short way below the dam

River Meavy

7.  Burrator Dam

Burrator Dam

8.  Water cascades over the Burrator Dam wall

Water cascades over the Burrator Dam wall

9.  Burrator Reservoir

Burrator Reservoir

10.  On the way back I was told of a car stuck in Marchant’s Ford.  So I went to look, but it had gone, and so it seems had the stepping stones!

Meavy Ford